About The Hummingbird Project

The Hummingbird Therapeutic Activity Program pairs clients with therapeutic activity specialists trained in helping older adults reengage in old passions and explore new interests. Because no two people are exactly alike, our specialists don’t go in with a one-size-fits-all formula. Activity plans are highly individualized to reflect the unique personality, life history, interests, and abilities of each client.

The Hummingbird team engages clients through one-on-one activity sessions, carefully planned outings, and individualized Therapeutic Activity Kits that can be used by family members, care providers, and other care team members at any time to engage clients in a range of meaningful and stimulating activities. Sessions might include memory or sensory games, memoir writing, armchair travel, gardening, creating art or crafts, or special outings to a place connected with a client’s past or special interests.

By providing concierge services and products, we support engagement in life through enjoyable activities—and work with families and care providers to create opportunities for joy.

To learn more please contact The Hummingbird ProjectSM at (650) 777-7607 or Hummingbird@SageEldercare.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Hummingbird Project SM?

The Hummingbird ProjectSM is an initiative of Sage Eldercare Solutions that is devoted to providing services and developing products that promote Quality of Life for older adults receiving care. The goal of The Hummingbird ProjectSM is to cultivate joy, engage curiosity, and foster personal expression.

To that end, we created the Hummingbird Therapeutic Activity Program, as well as individualized Activity and Sensory Kits that can be used by family members and care attendants at any time.

The Hummingbird Therapeutic Activity Program pairs clients with professionally trained therapeutic activity specialists to enhance quality of life. Activity plans are created for each individual to reflect their unique personality, life history, interests, and abilities. The Hummingbird Program provides one-on-one activity and engagement services tailored to the needs of the client and family.

What is an activity specialist?

An activity specialist is a professional who is trained to help clients reengage in old passions and explore new interests. Our backgrounds are diverse including horticulture, creative and fine arts, philosophy, memory support, history, academia and more.

What type of training do activity specialists have?

Our activity specialists have at least a BA or BS and ten or more years of experience working with older adults. Many have a master’s degree or higher.

How frequently do activity specialists see clients?

Typically, activity specialists see clients once a week, but sometimes more or less, depending on the frequency the client desires.

Where are your activity specialists located?

In-person activity sessions are available in the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, North Bay (Marin and Sonoma), East Bay (Alameda and Contra Costa); Sacramento area; Los Angeles county; and in Seattle and Tacoma counties in Washington.

Virtual sessions: We are able to provide our virtual activity program to anyone, regardless of location!

How do I begin working with a Hummingbird Activity Specialist?

Please contact us at (650) 777-7607 or Hummingbird@SageEldercare.com to make a referral to the Hummingbird Program. The first step for most services is a complimentary half-hour telephone consultation with interested parties or family members to describe the program, answer questions and learn about the client’s needs and interests. We then arrange to start services with an in person meeting in which an activity specialist (sometimes two) visit the client to make an assessment and provide recommendations.

How can the Hummingbird Program help me or my loved one?

By providing concierge services to clients and their families, we support engagement in life through enjoyable activities that are specifically designed for each client as a unique individual. Our program goals include reducing isolation, combating loneliness, and working with families and caregivers to create opportunities for joy.

What services does the Hummingbird Program provide?

One-on-one activity sessions are focused time between a client and an activity specialist. Sessions might include:

  • Arm chair travel to destinations around the world
  • Memoir writing
  • Mental fitness exercises
  • Gardening and outdoor pursuits
  • Enjoyment of intellectual games
  • Creative expression
  • Outings to local cultural centers including museums and parks
  • Curriculum based programming focused on lifelong learning
  • Crafts, arts or hobby fulfillment

One-on-one activity sessions are typically two to three hours in length, and include a detailed report, often with a picture from the session, for the client’s family. Outings can be four or more hours.

Consultation with families, care providers, and professionals is available to establish plans for engaging clients in quality of life activities. This might include idea generating, individualized training for care team members (family or professional care providers), preparing and organizing materials, training professional care providers, and more. We also provide brief one-on-one interventions to address agitation, alleviate boredom that may be causing behavioral expressions of an unmet need, or provide support during times of transition.

Therapeutic Activity Kits are a hallmark of our program and can be utilized by family members, care providers, and other care team members as a way to engage clients in a range of stimulating activities. We specialize in both customized activity kits and sensory kits.

  • Therapeutic Activity Kits are a collection of engagement tools, created based on a client’s unique interests. These items are researched for success prior to recommendation and might include brain fitness games, creative expression books, projects. and a range of other items.
  • Sensory Kits are a collection of soothing, focused engagement tools that provide stimulation, increase engaging activity, decrease agitation, and restore calm.
  • Detailed instructions are provided with the kit.
  • An activity specialist is available to deliver the kit and demonstrate how the items can be used and suggest adaptations for variety and to address changing needs.
  • The activity specialist will also provide instructions to the client/family/care provider for how to best deliver the interventions.
  • Therapeutic activity kits take approximately 3-4 hours to conceptualize, research and create; the time spent is billed at our hourly rate. At your request, we provide an estimate for approval prior to ordering materials. Otherwise, we ask for a budget of $150 for kit components.

Quality of Life Assessments are in-depth assessments focused solely on a client’s quality of life goals by offering specific interventions for an activity specialist, care manager, family member, or professional care provider to carry out. A detailed quality of life assessment outlines quality of life goals with a list of creative means to meet these goals and specific instructions on how to do so. This culminates in a training led by the activity specialist to support successful implementation of the recommendations.

Programs for Community Living Settings are offered to clients in independent living, assisted living, or skilled nursing homes. A Hummingbird activity specialist visits once a week to work with clients who would benefit from the addition of one-on-one therapeutic activity sessions—or who haven’t benefited from or responded well to group activities or other programs offered by the facility. Session curriculum is tailored to the individual interests of each client and might include:

  • Learning new art skills from teaching artists
  • Explorative learning on areas of intrigue and lifelong learning on areas of expertise
  • Outings to cultural events, exhibits, and other places of interest
  • Projects such as creating a memoir and/or a pictorial history project, learning how to use a technology, or making gifts for others
  • Travelogues in the comfort of one’s home
  • Learning a new talent
  • Sessions are one to two hours in length

To learn more about our Programs for Community Living settings, please contact The Hummingbird ProjectSM at (650) 777-7607 or Hummingbird@SageEldercare.com

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