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One-on-One Therapeutic Activity Program — Offered both in-person and virtually

  • Your loved one/client is paired with a trained Hummingbird therapeutic activity specialist who is chosen based on your unique situation. Sessions may be in-person, virtual, or a little of both.
  • The Hummingbird therapeutic activity specialist develops a program specially tailored to your loved one’s/client’s interests and passions (whether past or present).
  • Detailed reports are provided after every therapeutic activity session so all are kept informed.
  • Activity plans are then fine-tuned based on input from clients, family members, and/or care professionals.

One-on-one services can be offered in person in select areas or online virtually to anyone, anywhere! See below for more detail about both types of one-on-one programs.

In-Person Activity Program

Whether we’re working with clients in their homes or in an eldercare community, our one-on-one sessions help engage clients in a deeper way, and can be especially helpful for people who are not interested in group programming, have been unable to participate meaningfully in group activities, or simply prefer individualized attention.

How It Works:

  • After hearing your story, we create an activity plan that is customized to suit your loved one/client, tailored to the person’s individual interests and needs.
  • We then pair your loved one/client with one of our trained therapeutic activity specialists, who has just the right background and areas of expertise to match the client’s passions, interests, and needs.
  • After each activity session, the therapeutic activity specialist will promptly provide written reports to family members and decision makers, frequently with a photo.
  • Activity Plans will be constantly reviewed and fine-tuned to respond to client and family input, as well as our own observations.
  • If needed, our team will also incorporate customized sensory and activity kits for engagement and for use as non-pharmacological tools to address anxiety and agitation.

One-on-one activity sessions are typically 2-3 hours in length. Below are examples of some of the activities we have incorporated to provide intellectual and social stimulation:

  • Armchair travel to destinations around the world
  • Gardening and outdoor pursuits
  • Enjoyment of intellectual games and building mental fitness
  • Memoir writing or life review
  • Creative expression and art experiences
  • Outings to local cultural centers, including museums and parks
  • Curriculum-based programming focused on lifelong learning
  • Crafts, arts, or hobby fulfillment
  • Technology training
  • Music programs, including performances
  • Sensory integration and relaxation techniques

Virtual Therapeutic Activity Program

In addition to in-person services, The Hummingbird ProjectSM is also pleased to provide virtual activity sessions and engagement. If we are unable to meet in person or if we do not have team members in the area you live, this is a great way to remain actively engaged.  In some cases your loved one/client may prefer to meet virtually.

How It Works:

Similar to the in-person sessions described above, our therapeutic activity specialists customize sessions to the passions, interests, and needs of your loved one/client. While we may not be able to physically visit locations together, we can offer cultural activities such as guided virtual museum tours, live music concerts, and art lessons online. We can also provide opportunities to engage in legacy or oral history projects, lifelong learning about topics of interest, expressions of gratitude, spiritual devotion, verbal brain games, storytelling, and much more. We have found that with a little creativity, almost any activity we offer in person can be adapted to a virtual connection.

Equipment you will need for a virtual activity session:

Any one of the following will do:

  • Laptop or Computer
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

If you don’t have a computer, tablet, or smartphone, we will provide detailed activity session instructions for caregivers or family members via telephone and/or through mailed activity packets. If you need assistance purchasing or using technology, we are happy to help with this need.

What if my loved one/client has never used this kind of technology?

We have had great success working with clients virtually, regardless of technological prowess. We can help by ordering and setting up a device for your loved one/client to use; we can work collaboratively with a care partner to assist with set up; and we can teach your loved one/client how to use technology by providing lessons and support.

Hummingbird Virtual Activity Sessions FAQs

Additional One-on-One Services (Can be offered in-person or virtually)

Consultation with families, care providers, and professionals is available to establish plans for engaging clients in quality of life activities. This might include idea-generating; individualized training for care team members (family or professional care providers); preparing and organizing materials; training professional care providers; and more. We also provide brief one-on-one interventions to address agitation, alleviate boredom that may be causing behavioral expressions of an unmet need, or provide support during times of transition.

Quality of Life Assessments are in-depth assessments focused solely on a client’s quality of life goals by offering specific interventions for a therapeutic activity specialist, care manager, family member, or professional care provider to carry out. A detailed quality of life assessment outlines quality of life goals with a list of creative means to meet these goals and specific instructions on how to do so. This culminates in a training led by a Hummingbird therapeutic activity specialist to support successful implementation of the recommendations.

Photo Credit: Andrea Piacquadio