Group Programs

The Hummingbird ProjectSM is proud to partner with Community Living Settings or other Eldercare Service Providers, including  independent living, assisted living,  skilled nursing homes, or other caregiver support networks. Groups are available in-person or virtually.

A Hummingbird therapeutic activity specialist visits once a week to work with clients who would benefit from the addition of one-on-one therapeutic activity sessions—or who haven’t benefited from or responded well to group activities or other programs offered by the facility. Session curriculum is tailored to the individual interests of each client and might include:

  • Learning new art skills from teaching artists
  • Explorative learning on areas of intrigue and lifelong learning on areas of expertise
  • Outings to cultural events, exhibits, and other places of interest
  • Projects such as creating a memoir and/or a pictorial history project, learning how to use a technology, or making gifts for others
  • Travelogues in the comfort of one’s home
  • Learning a new talent

Sessions are 1-2 hours in length.