About Us

Our Story

The Hummingbird ProjectSM is an organization devoted to providing services and products that promote quality of life for older adults—whether at home or in a community setting. The goal of The Hummingbird ProjectSM is to cultivate joy, engage curiosity, and foster personal expression. We seek to bring happiness and delight to our clients by ensuring the fullness of life. We hope that clients will recognize the beauty in the world around them and the beauty within themselves.


Why a hummingbird?

Many legends hold that hummingbirds possess magical qualities. It is believed that hummingbirds hover timelessly, bringing hope and harmony to all who see them. Just as the hummingbird passes from flower to flower drinking nectar, we too must relish the sweetness that life brings day to day.

The hummingbird’s elegance reflects the splendor that is everywhere, in everything and in everyone. We must recognize this brilliance of daily life and open ourselves to all of life’s gifts while also embracing our sense of self.

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