What is The Hummingbird ProjectSM?

The Hummingbird Project is an organization that provides one-on-one activity and engagement services tailored to the needs of clients and their families, or to the needs of their care team. We pair professionally trained therapeutic activity specialists (recreation therapists, creative arts therapists, and/or teaching artists) with each client to enhance quality of life. Unique activity plans are created for each client to reflect their personality, life history, interests, and abilities.

How can The Hummingbird ProjectSM help me or my loved one?

By providing customized services to clients and their families, we support engagement in life through enjoyable activities specifically designed for each client as a unique individual. Our program goals include reducing isolation, combating loneliness, and working with families and caregivers to create opportunities for joy.

What is a therapeutic activity specialist?

A therapeutic activity specialist is a professional trained to help clients feel more purposeful and content by reengaging in old passions and exploring new interests. Our backgrounds are diverse, including horticulture, creative and fine arts, philosophy, memory support, history, academia, and more.

What type of training do therapeutic activity specialists have?

Our therapeutic activity specialists have at least a BA or BS and 10 or more years of experience working with older adults. Many have a master’s degree or higher. We are trained in Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Can my loved one living with Alzheimer’s or dementia benefit from The Hummingbird ProjectSM?

Yes. Because our therapeutic activity specialists are highly trained in Alzheimer’s and dementia care best practices, we believe firmly that engagement and joy have therapeutic benefits for those living with memory loss. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Positive social interactions with others
  • Fun and enjoyment of life
  • Validation of feelings, experiences, and identity
  • Increased engagement time and physical activities
  • A strength-based approach that highlights clients’ abilities
  • Engagement in experiences that are specifically meaningful to the client as an individual
  • Alleviates social withdrawal and/or distress
  • Decreases isolation and loneliness

How frequently do therapeutic activity specialists see clients?

Typically, therapeutic activity specialists see clients once a week, but sometimes more or less, depending on the frequency the client desires.

Where are in-person services available?

In-person activity sessions are available in the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, North Bay (Marin and Sonoma), East Bay (Alameda and Contra Costa); Sacramento area; Los Angeles County; and in Seattle and Tacoma counties in Washington.

Virtual sessions: We can provide our virtual activity program to anyone, regardless of location!

How do I begin working with a Hummingbird Therapeutic Activity Specialist?

You can choose one of several ways to connect with us:  Call us at (650) 777-7607 or email us at Hummingbird@SageEldercare.com.  Or you can click here to fill out a form. The first step for most services is a complimentary half-hour telephone consultation with interested parties or family members to describe the program, answer questions, and learn about the client’s needs and interests. We then arrange to start services with an in-person meeting in which a therapeutic activity specialist (sometimes two) visits the client to make an assessment and provide recommendations.

Is The Hummingbird ProjectSM part of a larger company?

Yes, The Hummingbird ProjectSM is brought to you by Sage Eldercare Solutions. You can learn more about Sage at SageElderCare.com