Learn more about how your family or client can benefit from our Therapeutic Activity program!

Virtual Activity Program

The Hummingbird Project is pleased to provide virtual activity sessions and engagement using a variety of technology-based connections. If we are unable to meet in person or if we do not have team members in the area you live, this is a great way to remain actively engaged.

Our Activity Specialists offer cultural activities such as guided virtual museum tours, live music concerts, and art lessons online. We can also provide opportunities to engage in legacy or oral history projects, lifelong learning about topics of interest, expressions of gratitude, spiritual devotion, verbal brain games, storytelling, and much more. We have found that with a little creativity, almost any activity we offer in person can be adapted to a virtual connection.

What type of equipment do I need for a virtual activity session?

  • Laptop or Computer
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

If you don’t have a computer, tablet, or smartphone, we will provide detailed activity session instructions for caregivers or family members via telephone and/or through mailed activity packets. If you need assistance purchasing technology, we are happy to help with this need.

If using a laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone what App do I use for connecting? 

  • Zoom or Skype
  • Google Duo
  • Facetime

How do I get started?

Please call 650-777-7607.

Seeking activity ideas and inspiration?

Visit our Activity Ideas during COVID-19 resource list for more information.

In-person Activity Program

Whether we’re working with clients in their homes or in a larger care setting, our one-on-one sessions help engage clients in a deeper way, and can be especially helpful for people who are not interested in group programming, have been unable to participate meaningfully in group activities, or simply prefer individualized attention.
Because each client is unique, we:

  • Begin with a customized activities plan that is built upon the ideas and expertise of the entire Sage team
  • Tailor activities to each client’s individual interests
  • Connect clients with activity specialists who have been selected for their creativity and have richly varied backgrounds, interests, and areas of expertise
  • Promptly provide written reports to family members and decision makers after each activity session, frequently with a photo
  • Continually fine-tune the activity plans, responding to client and family input and to our own observations
  • Provide sensory and activity kits for engagement and for use as non-pharmacological tools to address anxiety and agitation

in-person activity program

One-on-one activity sessions are typically 2-3 hours in length and might be focused on:

  • Arm chair travel to destinations around the world
  • Gardening and outdoor pursuits
  • Enjoyment of intellectual games and building mental fitness
  • Memoir writing or life review
  • Creative expression and art experiences
  • Outings to local cultural centers including museums and parks
  • Curriculum based programming focused on lifelong learning
  • Crafts, arts, or hobby fulfillment
  • Technology training
  • Music programs, including performances
  • Sensory integration and relaxation techniques

We are also pleased to offer training and consultation to families and professionals on creative engagement techniques and approaches, particularly for people living with dementia.

What are the benefits of engagement in therapeutic activities?

  • Encourages self-confidence and boosts self-esteem
  • Positive social interactions with others
  • Fun and enjoyment of life
  • Validation of feelings, experiences, and identity
  • Increased engagement time and physical activity
  • Ability to express both positive and negative emotions in a safe relationship
  • Strength-based approach that highlights clients’ abilities
  • Creating a feeling of belonging and worth
  • Engagement in experiences that are specifically meaningful to the client as an individual
  • Experiences of being seen and heard
  • Alleviates social withdrawal and/or distress
  • Decreases isolation and increases joy
  • Encourages independent activities that are stimulating to the mind and spirit
  • Provides opportunity for self-reflection
  • Respect for cultural preferences
  • Promotes vitality
  • Engages client in the process of making choices for themselves and feeling self-directed
  • Promotes independence
  • Creates joyful moments

To learn more about how your family or client can benefit from our Therapeutic Activity program, please contact The Hummingbird ProjectSM at (650) 777-7607 or

In-Home Activity Kits

Activity Kits

Our individualized Therapeutic Activity Kits and Sensory Kits are a hallmark of the Hummingbird Program. These kits are created by the highly experienced Hummingbird team to provide meaningful activities that allow family members to connect with their loved one in a whole new way—and for care providers to engage clients in a range of stimulating activities.

Kit activities come with detailed instructions and engaging materials, so you can feel confident as you begin exploring new experiences at the time and pace that works for you. Every activity is designed to stimulate clients in a way that is both therapeutic and enjoyable, and we include specific recommendations for expanding on themes or modifying activities for changing physical or cognitive abilities.

While our kits are designed to provide interactive, relational activities, they also engage clients in self-directed exercises that can give family members and care providers a bit of time to tend to other responsibilities.

Customized Therapeutic Activity Kits

Therapeutic Activity Kits are a collection of engagement tools created by our activity specialists with each client’s interests, life history, and abilities in mind. Activities are researched for success prior to recommendation and every customized kit includes easy-to-use materials and detailed instructions that make the activities come alive.

Kit activities might include projects such as:

  • Creative expression using geometric coloring books or oil pastels
  • Art appreciation using prints featuring works at the Louvre or MoMA
  • Bird watching using plush, singing birds as a tactile element
  • Sensory stimulation and relaxation using lavender hand cream
  • Armchair travel using post cards of Europe and America
  • Intellectual stimulating ‘brain fitness’ exercises or cards to promote lifelong learning on history and culture

An activity specialist can deliver your customized Therapeutic Activity Kit, along with suggested adaptations for variety or to accommodate changing physical or cognitive abilities. Activity specialists and supervisors are also available to train care providers and family members how to best use the kit, and for ongoing idea generation and support.

Sensory Kits

Sensory Kits are designed to stimulate clients who have functional limitations, but who will still benefit from the attention and engagement of sensory stimulation. They’re also an important non-medication remedy to the agitation, boredom, and frustration often experienced by older adults who need long-term care.

As with our Therapeutic Activity Kits, Sensory Kits have been created by the uniquely experienced Hummingbird activity specialists and come with interesting, soothing and often unexpected materials that have a range of sounds, visuals, tastes, and textures. Detailed instructions are included so you can figure out step-by-step how the activity will work best for your client or family member.

Some examples of Sensory Kit activities include:

  • Holding and rubbing worry stones
  • Beating or listening to a buffalo drum
  • Taste testing different chocolates or teas
  • Using essential oils and seeing how they effect mood
  • Immersive art materials

Depending on our client’s specific situation, an activity specialist might deliver a sensory kit and use it with the client during a session, or model the activities for care providers or family members to use with their client or loved one at any time they want to provide stimulation or ease agitation. We see agitation as a sign of an unmet need, so this is often a time that we’ll introduce Sensory Kits to address the agitation, increase comfort, and help restore well-being.

Joyful Moments Activity Cards

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