Joyful Moments

Introducing Joyful Moments

Introducing Joyful Moments, unique activity cards that give family members and care providers the tools to re-engage older adults in life—and turn every visit from mundane to memory making.

For more than 15 years, our team of professional care managers, care providers, and therapeutic activity specialists have been working with older adults and their families to provide quality care and promote quality of life. Our client families have often shared with us how difficult they find it to start a meaningful conversation and connect with an aging loved one who may not remember one visit from the next. Professional care providers have also told us over the years that despite spending many hours with a client every day, they struggle with how to meaningfully engage that person.

Quality of life activities like those you’ll find in Joyful Moments help reconnect older adults to what brings them purpose, joy, and meaning in life. These fun and easy activities were created by our eldercare and therapeutic activity experts to promote quality of life in older adults, no matter their physical or cognitive limitations.

You’ll find step-by-step instructions and suggested adaptations for activities that cover all seven domains of quality of life: Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual, Creative, Vocational, Emotional and Environmental.

With these activity cards, we hope you’ll try new things, rediscover old interests, and create many joyful moments together!

“Creative expression is one of the best ways to engage older adults, even those with serious physical limitations or advanced cognitive decline. Whether you’re painting with marbles or celebrating the sights, smells, tastes, and traditions of autumn, these are activities everyone can take part in to feel more connected to the world around them.”

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The Hummingbird ProjectSM was born out of the belief that quality of life is just as important as quality of care. We believe in living our whole lives through—truly living at every age and every stage of our lives. To learn more about how we help family members, caregivers, and older adults engage curiosity, foster personal expression, and reignite a passion for lifelong learning, visit us here.

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“In my 20 years of working in eldercare, I’ve seen that attention to quality of life can have an enormous impact on overall well-being for aging adults. The Joyful Moments cards make quality of life activities easily accessible for every family and professional caregiver.”